Monday, November 3, 2014

A Pep Talk For Republicans

Dear Normal Patriotic Men and Women of America,

Tomorrow we will invade voting booths across America, and take back our country from that insufferable jerkhole Obama and his Alinskyite minions.

The Tree of Liberty must be re-nourished from time to time with the tears of progressive control freaks and unhinged leftist weirdos.

We will do battle with those filthy, cheating bastard Democrats, and we will win....and win big, although we may run into a few baton-wielding Black Panthers at polling stations. 

We already we know they will cheat like Hell because they know that we out-number them. After all the bullshit, race-baiting and all that 'Republican War On Women' hooey, I fervently believe that we will take back The Senate.

Now, The Democrats and their friends in the mainstream media will try to discourage you from voting. They will tell you that you might as well just stay home, because Democrat victory is inevitable. Don't let' em fool you. If you haven't voted yet, get yourself into the voting booth. The country depends on you.

Then, as we watch our glorious victory unfold on Election Night, you can rest for a moment, and laugh at those brain-dead freaks at MSNBC try to explain their losses.

It will surely be great to watch the lamestream media, with their eyes glazing over, as normal Americans celebrate wildly at victory parties all over America.

So vote. Now you know how I feel. That is all.  

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