Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hosurance: A Commentary By Sister Mary Bloody Knuckles

Today, we welcome back our Faith and Religion correspondent, Sister Mary Bloody Knuckles, with this commentary on the new Obamacare 'ho-surance' ad. Take it away, Sis:

God bless. Good day to you, you mischievous, snickering little red rodent.

The moral degenerates at The Obama regime and their heathen allies have rolled out a new ad campaign designed get all you little millennial rabbits to sign up for that ungodly rip-off, Obamacare.

While that psychotic witch Kathleen Sebelius lies about that cyberspace nightmare, a new ad in Colorado promises free contraception for young whores. In the ad, a wide-eyed young miss has her naughty parts all-excited because she has her handy birth control pills paid for by the taxpayer.

My God, this slut looks like she's possessed.

Our little Kenyan dictator is busy, destroying the morals of this country, and his gang of communist weirdos from hell are sodomizing taxpayer AND freeloader alike.

So, this is why he has been harassing Christians all along. These Alinskyite maniacs hate and laugh at decency, and envision a country of immoral, jobless, dependent ne'er do-wells looking for kicks. These parasites despise hard work and virtue, while they feed off it.

If Mr. Obama is a Christian, then I am Harvey the 20-foot rabbit.

Lay your hands on your desk, Mr. Obama. I have my ruler out, and I'm about to smack your knuckles good an' bloody, you demonic Marxist PUNK!

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  1. Obama would say he's a rabbit if he were talking to Harvey the 6 ft rabbit if he thought he could get some campaign cash out of him.