Monday, November 4, 2013

Comedian Jackie Mason Tells It Like It Is

This is The RedSquirrel Report Evening News, with anchor Jackie Mason:

Good evening,

In Washington, That good-for-nothing, lying schmuck Barack Obama told several more whoppers today, as millions of Americans had their health plans cancelled. What gets me is he lies and lies, then lies about having lied. It's a wonder that his tongue hasn't fallen out of his mouth.

This lying weasel spends all his time lying. It's like he has a mental disease. If he wasn't President, he'd be locked up in prison or in the nut house.

It used to be respectful thing to be President. We Americans used to look up to our Presidents, but this creep acts like that obnoxious, crying 7-year-old jerk who would sit behind you in class, smacking you in the back of the head. Then, he cries to the teacher after you retaliate. What a classless chump.

This schmuck always says he knows nothing. Biden knows nothing. Hillary knows nothing....yet he always acts so haughty like he's Mr. Know-It-All.

This dirty schlemiel is always pointing his finger, and is always blaming everybody else when he screws things up, then takes credit for everything right after telling us that everything stinks.

He blames a video for our heroes getting killed in Benghazi, The NRA for Fast And Furious, then after The American People complain about cancelled health plans, he says,'Don't blame me, blame your health plan for cancelling itself.'

He says if you like your health plan, you can keep it. He lied like crazy for 5 years. He lied on TV. He lied on the campaign trail. He lied in speeches. Then the American people got their cancellation notices.

Watch, he'll say the cancellation notice you got in the mail isn't real. It's just a mirage.

His low-information putzes will believe him. What a psychotic, lying schmuck.

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