Monday, May 6, 2013

What Would've Happened If King Mark Was Glitter-Bombed?

On Wednesday night, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton took part in a townhall meeting in Shakopee, home of Canterbury Park. During the proceedings, he told his over-taxed subjects that Minnesota's state legislators are UNDERPAID, and deserve a raise.

One of King Mark's ungrateful subjects pointed out that a legislator works part-time.

An annoyed Dayton reprimanded those in attendance, comparing them to the unruly, 'juvenile' students Dayton knew when he was a teacher in New York.

Tsk, tsk, dear peasants, when you're in the presence of King Mark, you're not supposed to approach him with facts, or show frustration. Remember, Democrats believe they are born to rule and are entitled to whatever they feel they can confiscate. Just shut up and pay those taxes. It's all for a better Minnesota.

During Minnesota's Gubernatorial election of 2010, Dayton's Republican opponent Tom Emmer had thousands of pennies dumped on him during an appearance. I wonder how Dayton would react to having coins dumped on him, or having some maniac jump out of a crowd with a glitter-bomb.

If you're a conservative, it's a good idea to hire a body guard if you venture into a hostile, sometimes violent hot-beds of P.C. leftism called American universities. Conservative pundit/author Ann Coulter has had oranges thrown at her. Ms. Coulter would be happy if an audience behaved in a 'juvenile' manner.

So, remember this, Gopher State plebes: When King Mark graces us with his presence, we are not to confront him with facts, or show frustration. If you feel that you cannot show him the proper level of adulation, just smile and nod your head.

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