Monday, May 20, 2013

New Viking Stadium May Double As Greenhouse

In other Minnesota Viking news, the team unveiled several renderings of the new stadium. The $950,000,000 boondoggle will have a massive glass exterior. The state still doesn't know how we will fund this monster.

To this bushy-tailed correspondent, It looks like a very large greenhouse. Perhaps the team can grow flowers in the off-season, then sell roses and tulips at $39.95 a pop.

Since it looks like The Crystal Cathedral, Perhaps Pastor Zigi Wilf can don a long, flowing robe, and pass around a collection plate during each home game. Maybe The Minnesota Vikings can file for 501c3 status.

Somebody came up with an idea that the state would sell electronic pull-tabs to fund this thing. The yet-unnamed stadium can then pay for itself....

....or maybe not.

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