Thursday, February 16, 2017

Is It Trump Derangement Syndrome Or Demonic Possession?

Wow, new President Donald Trump has been in office for about three weeks and his enemies are going insane. One day after his inauguration, there was a woman's march in Washington D.C., where women paraded around in huge vagina costumes and Madonna threatened to blow up the White House.

So, we asked our religious correspondent, Catholic Sister Mary Brokenknuckles to comment about these recent events centering around the new president and his enemies. Take it away, Sister Mary:

God Bless, RedSquirrel,

Our Mother Mary, full of grace. God's blessings be to America for not electing that Satanic career criminal and pro-abortion witch,  Hillary Clinton.

Yes, there was a 'women's march' in DC. Speaking at that unholy get-together was unbalanced actress Ashley Judd. She sounded like she was speaking in tongues. I understand  that recording engineers actually replayed her speech backwards, and it actually made more sense. I personally believe she is demonically-possessed.

The unholy skank Madonna suggested that someone 'blow up The White House.' I understand that The F.B.I. payed her a visit. I am sure she has an unclean spirit living inside her.

What she needs is an exorcist. Please, God, have mercy on that skank's soul.

There were even women walking around in giant vagina costumes in front of innocent children. I suppose you can chalk it up to 'Trump Derangement Syndrome.'  CNN offers non-stop criticism and false news bashing Trump. We get it, CNN....You HATE him!

Congress voted to confirm Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education. She wants to do away with those ungodly Commoncore Standards. I hope that she takes the wooden ruler to the knuckles of the communist teacher's unions. Did you see those 'Democrat activists' block her path to that school? Come to think of it, the Demoncrats used to block people from school doors in the 1950's!

Some things never change!

Then there are these psychotic, unhinged so-called 'protesters,' For God's sake, these aren't protesters! They're violent thugs! If CNN were around in the 1930's, they would've referred to the NAZI Brownshirts as 'protesters'!

Some of these Hillary voters need to grow up. You lost. Try to win next time.

At the Screen Actor Guild Awards, Meryl Streep attacked our blessed President. Personally, I won't know what I will or should think about the important issues of the day until I hear what Ms. Streep has to say. (I'm rolling my eyes sarcastically.)

Now, I will say a little prayer for the Hollywood creeps attacking the 10-year-old son of the President. Dear Lord, In the name of your mother Mary, I hope you give those creeps in Hollywood the great big holy slap in the face! Amen!

The leftists are attacking our wonderful new Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and that psychotic demagogue Elizabeth Warren was slapped down for reading a 31-year-old letter from Coretta Scott-King.

The letter was written BEFORE Ms. Warren learned that she was born native-American.

The leftists are just unhappy that for the first time in 8 years the AG isn't a corrupt, Black criminal.

Nancy Pelosi called Trump advisor Steve Bannon 'a White-supremacist.' We've always known that Nan is bat-shit crazy, and she probably has a very insane, unclean spirit living inside her.

When a commie calls you a 'White-supremacist', that means 'you are effective.'

I'm so disappointed that grotesque nightmare Rosie O' Donnell and her obnoxious Hollywood friends have STILL not left America. They promised to leave America if Trump won. Damned liars. There is no place in Heaven for liars!

Well, that's all for now. God Bless....

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