Monday, January 2, 2017

Jackie Evancho's Manager: You Anti-Trump Weirdos Are Marketing Geniuses!

Ultra-talented 16-year-old singer Jackie Evancho is being bullied and threatened simply because she has agreed to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration. As a result, The Intolerant Left has made the singer the most-talked about entertainer in America.

Your bushy-tailed correspondent believes that her management should at least send Evancho detractors a thank you note:

Dear anti-Trump Showbiz bullies,

You guys are marketing geniuses!! Because of your mean-spirited attacks on Miss Evancho, we at Team Evancho have experienced an amazing increase in CD sales and song downloads! She was already topping the charts, but now business is skyrocketing. People everywhere are discovering her music because you anti-Trump whackjobs can't control your insane hatred for the president-elect. Thank God for our enemies.

Keep it up, jack-asses. At this rate, she will outsell The Beatles.

Thank you

Team Evancho


  1. Replies
    1. Obviously not it's just Trumptard squirrel's BS.

  2. Yes, I agree - marketing geniuses they are - too stupid to understand what they're doing - but that's okay - Jackie will come out on top every time!! Such talent is unstoppable :)

  3. Excellent news, thank you! :-)