Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Christmas Message To Actress Jennifer Lawrence

During the Christmas season, we should remember that some people suffer from melancholia and loneliness. One of these people recently did an interview with Vogue Magazine.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence disclosed that she is lonely. The star of The Hunger Games is beautiful, talented, and wealthy, yet suffers from loneliness.

We here at RSR would like to help her out of her current condition. One of our writers would like to meet her over coffee. His name is Joe, and he has a very special message for Ms. Lawrence:

Dear Katniss,

I was saddened to learn that you are suffering from loneliness. The Christmas holiday season should be a time spent with those you love, and it's not fair that a beautiful girl like you should be spending it alone.

I am a very single blogger here in Minneapolis, and I have my own place. Contact me, and maybe we can get together over coffee or lunch. You don't have be lonely anymore.

Call me anytime, Jen.


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