Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Red Forman: Muslim Invaders Tell Germans To Cancel Oktoberfest?

It appears that the Muslim invaders are demanding that Germans cancel Oktoberfest, and The Council Of American-Islamic Relations are demanding that Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson withdraw from the race because he doesn't think he wants a Muslim President. 

Here to give his two cents on these two news stories is our correspondent Red Forman. Take it away:

Thanks, Squirrel.

So, these Muslim dummkopfs want the Germans to cancel Oktoberfest. Hey you assholes, how about cancelling Ramadan? How 'bout I put my foot up your ass? 

You're demanding that The Germans cancel their national party. How about the world demands that you eff off. So, I suppose it's because you disapprove of alcoholic consumption. You Muslims disapprove of beer, you don't like dogs, and you keep your women covered up in Burkas.

No wonder you're so hard to be around. You're wound up too tightly. I think you need a dog. Look into it's eyes, and kiss it's wet nose. How is it possible to not love dogs? Also, you treat women like crap. If you treated them better, you would find out they're lots of fun.

Then, there's these bullies at The Council Of American-Islamic Relations who want presidential candidate Ben Carson to withdraw because he gave his opinion. He said he didn't want a Muslim president. For Christ's sake, we ALREADY have a Muslim president. How's that working for us?

They demand that Dr. Carson drop out of the race? I demand that they go play a game of Hide-And-Go-Eff-Themselves!

This control freak Obama can see all this, and still he wants to bring in even MORE MUSLIM REFUGEES? I guess in his world there's not enough commies and Muslims bullying the rest of us and demanding that we do this and do that. As a normal-American, I love beer, women, dogs, and freedom of speech.

But don't hate this douche Obama for despising our freedoms. They don't like it where he from.

Red Forman, Normal-American


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