Thursday, September 24, 2015

Good News For Republicans

Chances are decent that we will have a Republican President in 2017, unless the current occupant of the White House cancels the election or begins throwing his opponents in prison.

While Real Estate Mogul and GOP front-runner Donald Trump talks about making America great again, and speaks on policy as well as his past positions, Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton dodges questions concerning all of her illegal activities centering around illegal emails and the illegal use of secret servers.

While Trump is being asked about the President of Kazakhstan, the Democrat presidential candidates are being allowed to run against the last seven years of failure and disgrace without having to talk about who has been in the Oval Office for the last seven years.

While Former Hewlett-Packard Executive and GOP Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina gladly lays out solid policy positions and wins debates, Hillary Clinton keeps anyone who may ask her a tough question behind a rope.

While GOP Senate rock star Ted Cruz eloquently make his case about making America a better, freer place, Hillary Clinton runs away from her history of corruption and ineptitude.

As each of the GOP candidates deal with lying, smirking journalists looking for the next GOTCHA! moment, Hillary keeps their collective nuts in her lock box. Are they afraid of her or something?

While the Dems have their pick of 3 or 4 geriatric socialists, the real energy belongs to the Republican field. Trump is cheered like a rock star at his rallies, and the debates are simply fantastic.

On the other hand, Republicans again will have to deal with rampant voter fraud and Obama's army of inner-city cheaters. So, the Dems have THAT going for them.

The greatest thing that Republicans have going for them is an out-of-touch, narcissistic child-president drunk on power.

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