Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What Should Donald Trump Do Next?

Following GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's truthful assertion that many illegal aliens commit crimes in America, NBC severed ties with him. They hold on to proven liars like Brian Williams and race-baiters like Al Sharpton.

As the creep in the White House floods the country with millions of criminal illegals, it's offensive to tell the truth in Obamanation. NBC's idea of covering the news is holding a pillow over it's face until it stops moving, making sure that news harmful to Dear Leader is smothered.

I would like to see Trump take his Celebrity Apprentice franchise to one of NBC's competitors. He should make next season into a search for his running mate. That would be ratings gold.

With Celebrity Running Mate, The Don could choose among 12 patriotic celebrities such as John Rich, Brett Michaels, and Trace Adkins. Technically, Gene Simmons cannot be President because he was born in Israel, but I would like to see him in this competition.

Trump can send these celebs out on tasks, such as fundraising and voter outreach. Each week, he could call the celebs who perform poorly into his boardroom, and fire him or her.

They say that many Americans see voting for a president is a lot like voting for contestants on American Idol, and that Barack Obama's voter base see him as a celebrity. Donald Trump is a businessman and celebrity, and now he's a presidential candidate.

Many Americans have found out what a complete disaster Obama is. He's a proven race-hustler, a liar, and an economic illiterate. Yet, to many Americans, it doesn't matter. To them, he's a star.

The Don is a star. Maybe this is how The Republicans can beat The Democrats at their own game.

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