Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mattress Girl Should Be Duct-Taped To The Goalposts

Columbia college student Emma Sulkowicz falsely accused fellow student Paul Nungesser of raping her, then turned the accusation into performance art. A class project.

While it is true that the two engaged in sexual acts, it appears that she initiated this activity. Sulkowicz was angry that Nungesser pumped and dumped her, and so she leveled the false accusation that he had raped her.

Paul Nungesser saw his life turned upside down, as she made news carrying the navy blue mattress on which she was nailed.

She logged it all over campus as if she was impersonating Jesus carrying his cross to Calvary. She let it be known that she would keep carrying the mattress until either she graduated or he was expelled.

Universities hate Christians, Republicans, and straight, white men. They worship liars, leftism, and radical feminists. Emma Sulkowicz became Columbia University's poor, put-upon saint, bearing her mattress.

Since we're talking about performance art, I wonder when somebody will be creating a piece of art describing this as The Seven Stages Of The Mattress.

In Stage One, Mattress Girl and Nungesser do the nasty.

In Stage Two, She carries her mattress to the college president, and accuses Nungesser of  rape.

In Stage Three, she takes her mattress to the college cafeteria. Everybody leaves.

In Stage Four, she takes her mattress to the police station, but refuses to officially charge her supposed assailant.

In Stage Five, she takes her mattress and accepts her college diploma

In Stage Six, Nungesser's lawyer hands her a subpoena.

....and in Stage Seven, I'd like to see the Columbia Football team duct-tape this fraud to the goalposts.

They say that there's a time and place for everything, and that time and place is called college. There, you can drink copious amounts of alcohol, have lots of sex, and have your mind poisoned by radical leftist college professors. You should not have your life wrecked by someone falsely accusing you of rape. That should never be part of the deal.

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