Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Future Community Organizers Training In McKinney

Hey there, future community organizers! Do you wish you could be just like your Black President? Have you ever thought how rewarding it would be to cause trouble and be rewarded for it?

Before Dear Leader Obama was President, he started out as a community organizer. A community organizer is an activist who creates change by stirring up trouble. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Tomorrow, we'll be in McKinney, Texas, invading a private pool party and confronting the police when they show up. If you're arrested, you could wind up with your own reality TV show or something. Bring your cell phones!

Did you watch the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, and think, 'Wow, those kids are getting up in those racist cops faces and screaming at 'em....and the police aren't doing anything about it!'

Remember, our wonderful president has sold guns to Mexican drug dealers and trafficked illegal aliens all over America! He has gotten away with committing Treason, and Congress refuses to do anything about it because he is Black! If he can get away with doing whatever he wants, SO CAN YOU!

Just come to McKinney tomorrow, and we'll show those crackers that the future belongs to us!

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