Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kid Rock 4 Senate Campaign Song

Well, I'm runnin' for the Senate an' I cannot lose
beating down commie libs and all that fake news
Find a nest in DC, chill like Trump
Dems turnin' America into a third-world dump
I'm Kid Rock, I'll cut your income tax
Hard-workin' Americans, I got yer back
I'm telling you now my opponent is toast
She looks like she saw a ghost
I love The Stars n' Stripes, I love our nation
Vote for me, I'll cut over-regulation
When I hit DC, I'll work for you
Fighting for normal Americans just like Kung Fu
Running for Senate to serve all you regular Joe's
not special interests for big-government hoes
Bob Ritchie that is my name
I'm heading to DC.....I want to be your....

Senator, baby
It's morning in America, Reagan's my hero
Senator, baby
Sendin' a message to the establishment Neros
Running for the U.S. Senate, baby
Serving the American people, that's what I'll do
Senator, baby I'll fight against the pork barrel fools

You'll hear Bawitdaba when I roll in
I'll have a red tie and an American flag pin
Clean shaved, hair trimmed, I will look the part
Kid Rock is a red-blooded patriot at heart
I 'll reach across the aisle if the time is right
But if not, The American Bad-Ass will put up a fight
I'll cut the government waste and all the fraud
You can take it to the bank, I am The Bullgod

CNN will be traumatized on Election Night
and Rachel Maddow will be turning ghostly White
At my Election Night party we'll be raising a glass
increasing our majority, we'll be kicking their ass
No kidding, We'll be winning, with our foot in the door
You're my boss, I'll remember what you sent me there for
I'll join the Freedom Caucus, CNN calls it 'The Far Right'
I don't care what they say, They can go fly a kite
Cause Freedom, We're gonna beat 'em
DC players....We're gonna defeat'em
I'll be working for the makers, not for the takers
Raising Hell with the sanctuary city mayors
C'mon baby, Vote for me, I'll Rock the capitol with Cruz n' Lee
I ain't no D, I'm no tax n' spender
I see Lady Liberty getting hurt, an' I just wanna defend 'her
Serve like McEnroe, inside the line for an ace
Getting my message out to that conservative base
I'll fight against the deep state obamanation, then
on Sunday I'll appear on 'Face The Nation'

Suit n' tie, and I'm clean shaved
Making sure your freeways are paved
Reading 2,000 page legislation with my staff
Portrait in my office of Robert Taft
Me an' Trump will be Making America Great Again
Me an' Trump will be Making America Great Again
DC belongs to you an' me

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