Monday, June 27, 2016

Democrats Have A Hissy Fit

Following the mass murder at Orlando's Pulse Nightclub by Muslim extremist Omar Mateen, Congressional Democrats thought the time was right to pass some anti-gun legislation. They tried to get pro-Constitutional Republicans to join them, but failed.

Georgia Democrat John Lewis and his little friends decided that since they couldn't get what they wanted, these elected officials would behave like the brat in the grocery store. When mommy refuses to buy some candy, brats terrorize mommy by having a great big hissy fit.

These brats embarrassed the country in much the same way a bratty child in the grocery store embarrasses mommy.

The Democrat Children staged a sit-in, making the House of Representatives look more like a romper room. The freedom-stealing Dems placed their fat bottoms on the carpeting, while Republicans refused to play their game. Your bushy-tailed correspondent believes that Speaker Paul Ryan should have stuck great big pacifiers in their mouths, or sent them off to their room without supper.

The sit-in was reminiscent of the Occupy Wall Street protests, though no one we know has seen any Democrat Representatives taking a dump on any police cars. Not yet, anyway.

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