Wednesday, June 22, 2016

And Now, A Message From The Office Of Our Pathological Liar AG

Well, they released most of the 911 call that Orlando mass-murderer Omar Mateen made while he was carrying out his mission.

He obviously was quite fond of ISIS, and wanted everyone to know that he was an adherent to the religion of peace who practiced it in the most violent way imaginable. Barack Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch thought that it was best that she would hide the portion of the shooter's call where he told the police that he was indeed a Muslim carrying out jihad.

Our 6-year-old president wants to take this evil deed done by Mateen and blame it on Republicans, The NRA, and gun-owning, law-abiding Americans. Once again, our power-drunk anti-American dictator is using murdered Americans to push for anti-gun legislation. It's as if  he sees murdered Americans as broken eggs for his omelette of gun control and a more centralized power.

Human suffering bores him. What excites him is using human suffering to feed his extreme lust for power.

Obama and Lynch don't seem to go out among the people much, thinking that their lies aren't going to be seen by normal Americans. These pathological liars deny that Mateen is a hateful, blood-thirsty jihadist. It's incredible that we have people like this running our country.

They'd have more credibility if they hired Tommy Flanagan from The Pathological Liars of America to be the AG spokesman:

Hello, this is Tommy Flanagan, Spokesman for Attorney General Loretta Lynch. In fact, I'm THE PRESIDENT of the Attorney General's office!

As you know, Omar Mateen murdered 49 Americans at The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. It was a gay nightclub, but Omar didn't know he was murdering gays. We are releasing the 911 calls he made while murdering these people.

Mateen said he was carrying out a jihad, which is a kind of violence that gun-carrying, hateful LUTHERANS commit.....Yeah, that's the ticket!


Evil conservatives don't believe in same-sex marriage.....WHICH IS WHY OMAR THE LUTHERAN MURDERED ALL THOSE GAY PEOPLE!!!!

So, in closing, I want to pass on a message from our wonderful Attorney General Loretta Lynch.


Thank you.

Tommy Flanagan, Spokesman for Attorney General Loretta Lynch

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