Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The President Denigrates Hard-Working Americans (Again)

The president is speaking at a Black high school commencement. We join it in progress:

I'm so glad to be here today, speaking to you, and not having to attend all your funerals in the most racist country on Earth.

As the most powerful man on Earth, I STILL run into constant racism. My critics are STILL criticizing me on talk radio, and I STILL haven't been able to silence them. There is still no justice.....

 Then, there's are all those entrepreneurial crackers with their businesses, making money hand over fist who need to understand that they are winners of life's lottery.

They are LUCKY to be White. Many of them get into the military. They were LUCKY to get back home in one piece. Some of these LUCKY crackers went on to college, and were LUCKY that they studied hard, and became lawyers and doctors. They are LUCKY to pay high taxes, and extremely lucky to lose their health care due to The Affordable Health care Act. 

At least these LUCKY crackers still have jobs.

Many of these winners of life's lottery started businesses. but THEY DIN'T BUILD THAT!!!

And so, YOU will be out in the real world, unless you go to college. Hopefully, you'll be like my good friend Bill Ayers. You'll bomb a police station, kill a few crackers, then some university will reward you with a tenured professor job.

Go to college. and you can learn how to silence your critics. You will be safe from criticism, and get good grades as long as you spout the communist party line. Then you can help me 'fundementally transform' this country into my Muslim-leftist utopia.

That's my time. I'm outta here.

Allahu Akhbar.

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