Friday, February 26, 2016

10 Ways Hillary Clinton Can Still Out-Commie Bernie Sanders

It appears that Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders is gaining on supposed front-runner Hillary Clinton. In fact, she may be losing.

Here are The Top 10 ways that she can get those ultra-leftist voters back into her camp:

10. Grow a Josev Stalin moustache

 9. Wear a Hammer and Sickle pin on her Mao jacket.

 8. Bang a shoe on the podium.

 7. promise to open FEMA camps by 2018.

 6. Assemble a group of 6-year-old crumb-crunchers to record a creepy song just like Obama did.

 5. promise free healthcare

 4. promise free college

 3. ponies for everyone

 2. promise to have all American businesses nationalized

 1. have some refuseniks gunned down


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