Monday, November 16, 2015

I Understand There Was A Democrat Presidential Debate Last Saturday

Your bushy-tailed correspondent understands that there was a Democrat presidential debate last Saturday. I didn't watch it, so I am asking ANY NORMAL AMERICAN who may have watched it just what the candidates said.

The Democrats scheduled their debate on a Saturday night. hoping that NO ONE will see what these candidates have to say about what their plans are for this country. This debate was for their most radicalized base voters and activists.

The DNC will schedule a few debates to fulfill an obligation that there will be debates, before Hillary Clinton's eventual coronation.

Meanwhile. there were horrific ISIS attacks all over Paris on Friday night. At one site in a concert venue, the murderers lined up their unarmed victims and shot them dead. There were bombs at a soccer stadium, and innocent people just trying to enjoy themselves were murdered by these goat-screwing, inbred, Satan-worshipping douches.

Did the Democrat candidates even mention these attacks? I understand that Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders said that climate change is STILL our number one national security threat. Really? How is it possible to live as long as Bernie Sanders has and still not learn ANYTHING about how the real world works?

He STILL believes in socialism, and man-made climate change. Well, God bless his little heart. The fact that thousands attend his rallies probably proves that we have not yet won the War On Drugs.

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