Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Deplorably Yours

Dear Hillary,

You recently made a speech where you insulted about half of the country, calling us deplorable.

You call us racist and sexist, and suggest that we aren't Americans. Honest to God, Hillary, you're a 68-year-old woman, and you sound like a mean 6-year-old brat.

The real reasons why I oppose you are numerous, but here are a few:

You're a dishonest career criminal who acts as if laws do not apply to you. If you believe that you're above the law, I'm going to have a problem supporting you. I don't think it's deplorable to expect our government officials to obey our laws.

You are also incredibly hypocritical. You talk about women's rights, yet accept political contributions from middle eastern governments that practice anti-woman shariah law. The same goes for gay rights and minority rights.

You are a typical, powermad Democrat, willing to give the country away to our enemies as long as it feeds your naked lust for power. You don't believe in changing anybody's mind, so you will just change the voters instead. You want to increase the number of new migrants/voters from Syria by 550%, and you support illegal aliens as long you believe they will vote for you.

Meanwhile, you insult hard-working, honest Americans.

We are being harmed by these policies, and you don't care. As a Deplorable-American, I care more for Katie Steinle and her grieving family than the illegal alien who murdered her. I also care for police officers that you and your former boss Barack Obama frequently attack.

At your convention, you held what looked like a criminal appreciation night as a way to pander to Black voters. What an insult to African-Americans!

Your Clinton Foundation accepted charitable donations for the victims of an earthquake in Haiti, BUT YOU KEPT THE MONEY! HOW CAN ANYONE BE THIS SCUMMY?!

I haven't even started on Benghazi or your e-mails. In a sane world, you would be awaiting trial, not running for president. This November, I'm voting for Donald Trump because he's not you.

I would crawl through broken glass to keep you out of the White House.

Deplorably Yours,

Joe Deal, Uppity Peasant

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