Thursday, March 31, 2016

Raul Takes Barry Out To The Woodshed, Then To A Ball Game

Wow, now that was a productive trip....for Raul Castro.

After schooling our 6-year-old president on all the evils of freedom, democracy, and capitalism during a press conference in Cuba, their brutal Communist dictator Raul Castro took Barry to a baseball game.

They may have enjoyed some peanuts and popcorn, and maybe some Cracker Jacks, while the terrorized citizens of Brussels, Belgium were collecting 31 dead bodies from the latest Islamo-Nazi terrorist attack on Brussels Airport.

We understand that our 'What, Me Worry?' president has returned the favor, and invited his comrade Raul to a Chicago White Sox baseball game at Kaminsky Field. 

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  1. Obama's destruction of America has been good for Cuba.