Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What Are Alternative Facts?

Recently, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway coined a phrase alternative facts as she attempted to make a point in the Republicans favor. As usual, when anyone on Team Trump makes a rhetorical misstep, the msm and the liberal twits on Twitter lose their minds.

The mistake that Ms. Conway made was suggesting that Democrats have ANY claim to the truth. She gave Trump's intellectualy dishonest enemies a lifeline. For a moment there, she forgot to treat The Democrats the way they should be treated.

Democrats are criminal, Alinskyite, lying frauds.

Example: the Democrats lie to us about the unemployment rate. We know that the real unemployment rate is much higher than 4.8% . If you said there are over 90,000,000 Americans without jobs, you would not be stating an alternative fact. That would simply be the truth. 

The enemies of Trump are suggesting that The Russians helped him win the election, yet there is no proof. CNN are still traumatized over the fact that Donald Trump won the election, and this is the way The Clinton News Network tries to explain it.

At the same time, CNN ridicules The Trump Camp for suggesting that Obama either wiretapped or surveilled Trump Tower during the presidential election. With surprised faces they ask why he and his team would make such a dubious claim. Gee, I don't know. Obama wiretapped German President Angela Merkel, the Associated Press, and abused his power for eight, long years.

Ms. Conway should never use the term alternative facts never, ever again.

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