Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Devil Makes Three Hillary Clinton Song Parody

Today's song parody is from alternative country trio The Devil Makes Three, and their terrific tune, 'All Hail':

Come on down and watch her sell out the country
and you think she'll fight for you?

Watch the non-stop political ads a' running
The human cattle believe her lies are true

Here she comes
in a grey Mao pantsuit
Lying like it's going out of style

Here comes Bubba
darling daughter Chelsea
and the queen of denials

She is Karl Marx Saul Alinsky Barack Obama

Oh Hill
Oh Hill
To the greatest of crooks
The State Department has got to be sold
Oh Hill
Oh Hill,
To the White House or to jail
for all the lies that she has told

On Election Day
The Dead shall vote often and early
We have to beat that Trump guy
because he's nasty, mean, n' surley

We're drunk on power
emails are gone
CNN's always on
and the host says
"Muslims built America, Black slaves too"
The NRA kills people
Obama is cool
Our foundation bought the FBI
bought it for a song
Our girl Loretta runs the AG's office
America is gone
Uncle George Soros has been running
this country all along

Oh Hill (repeat chorus)

On Inauguration Day
She'll swear on the Quran
coronating Hillary
Christianity will be banned
Overran with foreigners
and low-info cheats
over-turning police cars
and blocking all our streets
A prayer rug in the Oval Office
Muslims running the C.I.A.
Allah running the Department of Justice
The presidency on sale on EBay
She'll bring about The Rapture
Our enemies will disappear
Nobody will stop us
We'll rape the women and kill the Queers
The Left will have their Hell on Earth
(as she expands her net worth)
Oh Hill (repeat chorus)

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