Monday, July 25, 2016

Theater On Minneapolis's LRT Blue And Green Line

Minneapolis has an active arts and entertainment scene, and one of it's well-kept secrets is the theater scene along it's LRT Blue and Green route.

For only $1.75, you can view Black-on-Black domestic disturbances, Black-on-Black fights, and gangs of Black and Somali youths acting like kids. The real fun begins around midnight.

Michael Wendlund, White passenger comments:

"Yeah, tonight I'm just sitting here (at the Warehouse Platform at Hennepin) and minding my own business, when these two Black guys started yelling at each other about three feet away. It was SO REAL that I thought that I might become part of the show!"

Tawana Jones, regular LRT Passenger:

"I'm waiting at the platform, when this Black dude creeps up behind me, and asks me for money. I told that sucka 'don't ever do that again or I'll mace your face!"

So, if you're in the Twin Cities, come and enjoy the show. See you there!

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