Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Red Forman: Clockboy. It's As If Barack Obama And Pajama Boy Had A Baby.

We welcome Eric's Dad back to RSR to tell us what's been on his mind lately. Take it away, Red.

Thanks, Redsquirrel. Happy New Year.

Sometimes my son Eric pisses me off so much, like when I found out he and his good-for-nothing friends were frying their brains on pot in our basement, but then I turn on the news or fire up the Twitter. Suddenly I feel like hugging my kids close.

Which brings me to the subject of this commentary. I'm so glad that I'm not Clockboy's father. My God, this trouble-making little douche needs a foot to the ass.

It's as if Barack Hussein Obama and Pajama Boy had a baby. This little creep is part community organizer, part troublemaker, and 100 percent pencil-necked jack-ass.

This Islamo-creep takes a clock, and re-builds it to resemble a bomb. Then, the twerp scares everybody with this gizmo, and the story gets all over the news. Now, he's trying to sue us because some meanie arrests the jerk. Oh, and Clockboy is a Muslim. Surprise, surprise.

The mischievous twerp takes a clock apart, then rebuilds it TO LOOK LIKE a bomb, then complains when he's arrested. This little ass-hole should be thrown out of the country. Instead, President Creepy Hussein INVITES the little douche to the White House. I hear that Creepy actually advised this punk to file the lawsuit.

The left is getting on Donald Trump's case for wanting to take a break from letting more Muslims into the country. After seeing this little jack-ass in action, I would actually go a little further than The Don. I think that Muslims who cause ANY trouble should be THROWN OUT of the country.

We can start with Clockboy.

As you were,

Red Forman, Normal-American

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