Tuesday, October 13, 2015

To Obama, Some Lives Matter More Than Others

When it comes to gun violence, it appears that to the president, some lives matter more than others.

When Trayvon Martin was killed, he was totally on the case. It looked liked The Black Panthers were going to literally lynch shooter George Zimmerman, and it appeared that our race-baiter-In-Chief was fine with it. As for Michael Brown, I thought Obama was going to erect a statue for the thug who tried to grab a policeman Darren Wilson's gun and wound up being shot dead.

On the other hand, he had nothing to say in the case of Kate Steinle. This is because she was murdered by an violent illegal alien. Dear Leader is trying to overrun America with illegals and 3rd world 'refugees', and a White woman's murder was bad for his narrative. So, Michael Brown's and Trayvon Martin's life matters. As for Katie Steinle, not so much.

When Muslim Muhammad Yousef Abdulazeez shot up a Chattanooga recruiting office, the creep in the White House didn't call for gun control. When Border Agent Bryan Terry was murdered by dangerous Mexican drug dealers, the child-king didn't call for more gun control. That's because Obama didn't want to call attention to the laws he himself broke selling guns to dangerous Mexican drug dealers in Operation Fast And Furious.

To Barry, we need strict gun control to keep law-abiding Americans from defending themselves while he sells guns to drug dealers. Now, he's calling for more gun control in the wake of the murders at the community college in Roseburg, Oregon.

It's remarkable that Obama's supporters get their undies in a wad when Democrat Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley dared to say that All Lives Matter at a campaign stop. I guess the folks at Black Lives Matter believe their lives matter more.

It's strange that we have someone in The White House who appears SO BORED with human suffering. What excites him is using tragedy to feed his naked lust for power.

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