Sunday, March 31, 2024

'Easter' Greetings From Nicolae Carpathia

 It's Easter Sunday, and the King of This World sends this greeting:

Happy Fertility Festival, America and The World,

It's Easter, and my demonic, senile flunky Joe Biden has announced 'Trans Visibility Day 2024', because as you know, my demon-possessed transgender children are STILL in the closet!!! NOT!!!!!!

Plans to replace The American People with millions of illegal, CRIMINAL migrants from the Third World is RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! My Obiden Regime will register them to vote, and that orange-haired goody-two-shoes Donald Trump HAS A BIG SURPRISE WAITING FOR HIM ON ELECTION DAY!!!

My WONDERFULLY wicked New York Attorney General Letitia James (The Scourge of New York, The Sorrow of America, Letitia the Corrupt, Letitia the Cruel, Letitia the Racist, Letitia the Thief, Letitia the CONFISCATOR) will take EVERYTHING that the orange man has ever built and every penny will be seized. Soon, he will know what it's like to live under the brutal rule of The Anti-Christ! 


MY UNHOLY TRINITY of Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama just had the biggest fundraiser in the country's history, while my media tells the foolish American People that The Republicans are the party OF THE RICH!!! I'M LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!!!

My Demoncrats are stealing everything that isn't nailed down, laundering your money, declaring war on the productive, using lawfare to rob you of your freedom, and everyone is distracted watching MARCH MADNESS!!!

While your children find colored eggs and families attend church services, My COMMUNITY ORGANIZER Barack Hussein Obama is busy doing Satan's WORK, 'transforming America' INTO A CRIME-RIDDEN, THIRD-WORLD, IMPOVERISHED SHIT-HOLE!!!! 

My Attorney General Merrick Garland and my Federal Bastards of Intimidation are harrassing Christians and Jews all over the country. Very soon, I will make you accept my mark, or you will be unable to buy or sell or even hold a job! ALL HAIL D.E.I.!!!! YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET!!!!

Soon, The U.S. CONSTITUTION WILL BE REPLACED BY THE SATANIC BIBLE!!!! With my degenerate leftist gang in power, GOD IS MOCKED!!! ALL HAIL SATAN!!!!

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