Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This Week's Tebow Report

And it came to pass, that Tebow and his army went 0-3, backing into the play-offs. They were to be opposed by the powerful, fearsome Steelers of Pittsburgh. As Tebow's detractors and critics mocked him, he kept the faith.

He sang, "Oh Lord, you are with me and my unorthodox throwing arm. Lead me into the shadow of the Steel Curtain, and into the kingdom of the AFC Championship.

And lo, the Steelers tied the game, both teams had finished regulation with seven and seven and seven plus two, and Tebow and the Broncos knew they were now in sudden death overtime. Yet, Tebow kept the faith.

And on the first play in sudden death, Tebow hit one of his speedy receivers over the middle, and the speedy receiver ran like quicksilver down the sideline.

And Tebow's heart jumped with joy. And Tebow said, "Lo! Behold! thee wide receiver hast scored!

And the crowd at Mile High Stadium rejoiced.

And then Tebow tebowed, giving thanks to The LORD, saying, "Whilst my critics and detractors mock my throwing arm and my bad passing stats, my spirit is glad."

And even though Bill Maher ridicules me, and opposing teams tebow in a mocking way, I rejoice. I praise thee! Amen.

And it came to pass, the game statistician opened the scroll, and told the fans that Tebow had indeed passed for 3:16 yards. And the sport casters told the people that this was indeed a sign.

After the game, Tebow was asked, "Are you expecting a miracle next week in New England?"

And Tebow saith, "My Lord is like a rock, whether we win or lose".

(Disclaimer: I did not post this to add to The Bible. I don't want to make God mad. Rather, this post can be read in a similar spirit as KFAN's Greg Coleman's pre-game preach. Enjoy.)


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  2. I thank you for reading this blog. Some of my daily must-reads include shotinthedark.info, powerline. hot air, and the blaze.

    Since my blog is (for the most part) news parody, I also check out the onion and scrappleface.